Burn In Love Tonight ( A Poem By James J )

My soul is on fire with desire

My scars are burning as your lips press against my chest 

The chains that have held me prisoner for so long

Are being unlocked and unwound 


I can feel your breath all over me 

Filling me with a rush of passion 

I could hold you in my arms 

for infinity


I envy the hearts that you’ve adored before me 

You could tear me apart, piece by piece 

You could give me a thousand scars more

And they would be my favorite tattoos 


Our bodies touch as our eyes hold our fears 

Your heart is safe with me love

I will protect you and adore you  

We can burn in love tonight  







City Glow ( A Thought By James J )

I spend a lot of nights looking out of my window at the city. The lights are beautiful. They flicker and dance all over the streets and skyline. Their glow ignites my soul. I can feel the desire to explore them in my bones. Every golden orb holds the light to an unwritten story. I sometimes wonder what each little glow is casting itself upon. A first kiss? A  car engine roaring to life? A couple realizing that they’ve met their soul mate as they walk along the sidewalk with hands intertwined? All these lights give me hope. They give me a sense of inspiration. They give me a sense of wonder. They give me the desire to explore. I won’t stop until i write a story under every single one of them.