The Hampshires ( A Short Poem by James J)

In the Hampshires a young boy rides his bike
The rickety spokes keep turning tire tread
On the pond a fowl paddles soft and slow
Raindrops ease down the withered clock tower

In the Hampshires an old man sits quite still
The crumbling stairs support his whisky cup
The barn hides rats in its dark wooden walls
The wind carries the scent of a deep rain

In the Hampshires an old dog lays restless
A velvet chair holds his dusty worn bones
On the sill a crow awaits its next meal
Echoes as soft as a whisper are heard

If Only ( A poem by James J )

If i could love you with every fiber of my being 

If i could give you every ounce of my passion 

If i could protect you with every cell in my body

Would it be enough?

If i showed you all of my scars

If i confessed all of my lies 

If i unlocked all of my doors  

would it be enough?

If i wrote you the most beautiful letter

If i sang you the prettiest song

If i painted you a masterpiece 

would it be enough? 

If i gave you everything 

would i be enough?






Live for Life

We must seek experiences that change us

So that our souls may blossom

We must do our best to live

So that we may learn along the way

We must learn to love and accept

So that we may feel loved and accepted

We must stop looking at what divides us

So that we may find what unites us

We must see life as a journey

So that we may smile at the end of it